Wallpaper Apps Features to Make your iPhone Stand Out

best iPhone wallpaper apps
best iPhone wallpaper apps

Wallpaper can make your smartphone more attractive. The beautiful and creative wallpaper can makes your device more alive. However, most of iPhone devices have limited number of default wallpaper. As the solution, you can download wallpaper manually on Google image search or Aol desktop gold support. But, if you like something instant and effective, you can use wallpaper apps that you can download from Apple store.

Most of wallpaper apps offer free access for the users. So, the users can customize the wallpaper to fit their need. If you want to use more features on wallpaper apps, you usually need to upgrade it to premium version. This way, you will be able to use more features.

Listed below are top wallpaper apps for iPhone completed with its features.

  1. Vellum Wallpaper.

By using Vellum wallpaper, you will be able to get various images for your iPhone background. The features of this app are as the following.

  • The users can blur the wallpaper as the background.
  • The app offers more than 100 wallpapers.
  • This app will add new images daily.
  • Vellum does not offer subscription. If you want to use a premium version, you can pay $1.99 that is paid once.
  • The users can preview the wallpaper on Vellum before using it.
  1. Magic Screen Wallpaper.

Magic Screen Wallpaper offers thousands of animated and live wallpaper. This kind of wallpaper can give you different display of screen that will make it stand out. Here are some features on Magic Screen Wallpaper.

  • The users can customize the wallpaper with several templates and fonts.
  • The users are allowed to add a clock and calendar to the wallpaper.
  • Magic Screen offers live wallpaper in GIF format.
  • The custom wallpaper can be shared to others.
  1. WLPPR Wallpaper.

If you like the images of nature, you try this wallpaper app. This app contains various natural picture to make your iPhone home screen more alive. The images on this app is taken by satellite. That is why it offers high quality images. Here are some features of WLPPR Wallpaper or hintergrund.

  • WLPPR offers natural images.
  • The wallpapers offered are suitable as lock screen wallpaper.
  • The users can save the images easily.
  • The wallpaper can be resized to a suitable size and dimension.
  • This application will update new images regularly.
  1. Everpix Wallpaper App.

Everpix offers HD wallpaper for iPhone. This application can be used in the latest iPhone series such as iPhone X, iPhone XS, as well as other series. Here are some features available on Everpix.

  • Everpix updates Wallpaper HD for iPhone.
  • The wallpaper can be used for free.
  • It offers more than 4000 wallpapers.
  • The wallpapers are arranged in several categories. This way, the users will be able to search the images they want easily.
  • The app is user friendly and also compatible for Apple Watch.

In order to show the best display of your iPhone, you need to update your operating system into the latest version. Now, iPhone runs iOS 14. But, the rumor says that iOS 15 will be launched soon.

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