The Best iPhones that Suits your Need and Budget

the best iPhone
the best iPhone

Throughout the year of 2020, iPhone launched several iPhone series. This way, Apple offers a lot of iPhone options for its fans. For your information, Apple has rolled out three generations of iPhone. It launched iPhone XR in 2018, iPhone 11 from 2019, and iPhone 12 series in 2020.

Each iPhone type consists of several series. In this article, we try to break it down so that you can select the iPhone that suits your budget and need.

The most recommended iPhone for Apple lovers is iPhone 12. The price of this iPhone series is still reasonable. It costs for about $799. iPhone 12 brings the latest processor. If you find the cheapest series from iPhone 12, you can select iPhone SE 2020. This gadget can be yours only by paying $400. However, it has the smallest screen. Even the screen is small, it has the recent processor.

If you like iPhone 11 series, the most recommended series are iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max. The price of these iPhone is for about $599. If you are searching iPhone with a big screen, you can purchase iPhone XR. It costs $499.

To sum up, here are the best iPhone that worth to buy.

  • The best iPhone overall : iPhone 12
  • The smallest iPhone : iPhone 12 mini
  • Premium iPhone : iPhone 12 Pro
  • Best budget : iPhone SE 2020
  • Big premium iPhone : iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Best premium iPhone overall : iPhone 11
  • Best big budget iPhone : iPhone XR
  • Best Big premium iPhone for less: iPhone 11 Pro Max

So, when you use the old version of iPhone, should you upgrade it? if you use iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, or iPhone 11 Pro, you do not need to upgrade it. But, if you want to have the latest version of iPhone, you can go ahead. But, if you want to upgrade it because of 5G offer, it is not a good reason to change your old gadget to the newest one.

If you use iPhone XS, iPhone XR, or iPhone XS Max, you can have a plan to upgrade it to the newer version of iPhone. But, if its performance such as battery life is still good, you can consider twice to upgrade it. if you are looking for iPhone which have the better photography, you can purchase iPhone 12.

No matter the iPhone model you use, you can make the appearance of its screen more stunning. How to do it? Just download iPhone Wallpaper Apps to give various choices of gorgeous wallpapers. This way, your screen will not look boring.

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