Smart Ways to Save iPhone Battery Life

iPhone's battery life saving tips
iPhone’s battery life saving tips

ForĀ  most people, running out battery life on their iPhone is such an annoying condition. When your device is low battery or dead, you will not be able to do anything with it. This way, most people will be bored easily. When your iPhone battery is drained, you cannot make a call or send any message. If something dangerous happen to you, you cannot ask for help with your phone.

However, the newest iPhone have a battery life that can last as long as 24 hours. It can last a day with moderate usage. But, if you are streaming videos, listening to the music or making calls, your battery can run out quickly. Besides, you should be aware with background activity that can cause battery drain faster.

The background activities are for example a device that search for signal, update some apps, etc. To avoid drain battery life, you should try some tips below.

  • Check your apps that use the most battery.

You should check your iPhone periodically to find out the apps that use most of battery power. You can go to Battery option which is available under Setting. If you want to save your battery, you should close out the app that uses the most battery.

  • Reduce your iPhone Screen brightness.

If you are not in a sunny day, you should not use full brightness screen. To adjust the screen brightness, you can go Control Center. Set the screen brightness into the lowest point. At least, you still can see your screen when you open your phone.

  • Turn off your Wifi.

Searching for a Wifi signal can takes more battery life. So, if it is not necessary, you should turn off the Wifi as well as the cell service. When you are at work or at home, you should turn off your cell service when you make calls by using Wifi. If possible, you can set your phone into Airplane Mode to save more power.

  • Turn off the Location Service.

Tu set it off, you should turn off the location services. You can go to Setting. Then, you will find Privacy tab. Click on the Location Service. In this setting, you can customize the app that use the location-based setting. If you want to save more power, you should limit those apps. This way, you can stop iPhone from tracking the location. That is the simple way to manage iPhone location tracking.

  • Use Low Power Mode.

When you switch your iPhone to Low Power Mode, you will not lose more than 1% battery in half an hour. When you do passive activity with your iPhone, it is better to switch into Low Power Mode. This way, you can limit the background activity.

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