How to Manage iPhone Location Tracking

iPhone tracking location
iPhone tracking location

There are several reasons that makes you want to turn off the location service on iPhone. Perhaps, your battery life is low. In this condition, you are looking for the way to save your iPhone energy. Another reason is maybe you want to be sure that no tracking app can detect your location.

Whatever the case you are facing, it will be simple to turn off the location services on your iPhone. Here is the simple guideline to manage iPhone location for only using one or two apps.

  • Go to Setting menu on your iPhone.
  • Scroll it down until you find Privacy section. Click on this menu.
  • On the following screen, you will see a menu entitled Location Services. If this system is turn on, it will display On.
  • Click on the menu called Location Services. You will be directed into a new screen.
  • Tap on the green slider to turn off the location service. A pop-up message will be displayed. Just click on Turn Off.
  • If you want to switch on the location setting, just follow the instruction above and turn it On.

If you want to manage your iPhone location services for certain apps, you can do this following guideline.

  • You should go to Setting menu on your iPhone.
  • Click on Privacy menu.
  • Tap on the screen that is entitled Location Services.
  • Scroll it down. Then, you will see the list of apps that use the location services. Several options are available. It offers Never, Always, and While using.
  • Click on a certain app to change the location service. This way, you will be directed to a new screen.
  • Just select the preferred option. For instance, you want to set the location service for App store to be While Using setting. Besides, you can set the location service for Camera and Calendar for Always setting.

If you do not want to be tracked, you should set all of these apps Never. This way, you turn off the location service. Turning of the iPhone location tracking can gives you several benefits. First, you can save a decent amount of battery life. This tip is very useful when your iPhone battery power life is low.

Besides, turning off iPhone location tracking service can prevent others to track or detect your location. You are free to turn off the location service for all apps or for just selected apps. For instance, you still can use the location tracking service for Google Maps but you turn it off for Instagram. You are able to opt and manage which apps that use location tracking service.

Turning off the location tracking system can help you to save your iPhone’s battery life. But, if you want to manage your iPhone storage, you can delete photos and videos to create more storage space.

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