Wallpaper Apps Features to Make your iPhone Stand Out

Wallpaper can make your smartphone more attractive. The beautiful and creative wallpaper can makes your device more alive. However, most of iPhone devices have limited number of default wallpaper. As the solution, you can download wallpaper manually on Google image search or Aol desktop gold support. But, if you like something instant and effective, you … Read more

How to Manage iPhone Location Tracking

There are several reasons that makes you want to turn off the location service on iPhone. Perhaps, your battery life is low. In this condition, you are looking for the way to save your iPhone energy. Another reason is maybe you want to be sure that no tracking app can detect your location. Whatever the … Read more

Smart Ways to Save iPhone Battery Life

For  most people, running out battery life on their iPhone is such an annoying condition. When your device is low battery or dead, you will not be able to do anything with it. This way, most people will be bored easily. When your iPhone battery is drained, you cannot make a call or send any … Read more